Meet some of the creative team that make up The Supertouch Group.

The Crew

  • Sam_Sit290

    Sam Travis Ewen

    For the last 20 years Sam Travis Ewen has been actively involved in the experiential marketing world, conceiving alternative word-of-mouth and buzzbuilding campaigns for a diverse roster of brands, movements, and services. In February 2001 he started his own agency, Interference Inc., focused on creating high-impact, resultsdriven campaigns for traditional brands.

    For years Sam was unable to execute his creative ideas for clients based on therestrictions of commercial technology, in 2007 he partnered with Alpay Kasal to form The Supertouch Group. A collective of programmers, designers, fabricators and creative thinkers, Supertouch focuses on Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), the study, planning, and design of the interaction points between people and technology. Supertouch has been an early entrant into the growing area of experiential technology, and primarily focuses on how best to execute thosetactics for communication, connection and unique branded experience.

  • alpay

    Alpay Kasal

    Alpay Kasal, a visual artist, engineer and hacker, co-founded The Supertouch group as a way to create and develop unique projects and solutions to a broad audience. His passion is to find the perfect hybrid point between art, technology, and user experience in uniquely personal ways.

    Beyond the client projects that he has spearheaded, his personal creative work has been featured as part of the Conflux festival, the Engage conference and the A.R.E conference and he has also created visual experiences for the David Bowie curated Highline Festival, musical group CocoRosie and a variety of immersive art experiences.

  • christine

    Christine Lane

    As Senior Project Manager, Christine Lane guides many projects from concept to completion.  From client to technologist, she is instrumental in managing large amounts of detail, process and communication on a day-to-day basis while also ensuring decisions meet the overall vision and customer objectives. Christine has played a key role in managing projects that include gesture-based technology, data visualizations, multi-touch surfaces and live social network streams for clients such as GE, Pfizer, ABC, Nestlé, Global Experience Specialists and more.

  • justin

    Justin Maurer

    Justin Maurer holds a B.S. in Computer Engineering from Wright State University. He is primarily interested in integrating accounting applications with the Kinect in order to create meaningful interactive experiences. These accounting applications include (but are not limited to): Peachtree, Intuit Quickbooks, and Microsoft Accounting Professional.

    When he’s not creating shockwaves in the interactive accounting community, Justin spends his spare time working in Cinder [] to help Supertouch with their creative coding needs.

The Supertouch Group, 611 Broadway, New York
(212) 995 8553