About Us

SuperTouch is a full-service technology company with a competitive twist: we merge creative experiential ideas with time-tested and bleeding edge technology. We are able to do this through partnerships and co-operative relationships with award-winning, forward thinking companies like Interference Inc., Cyanc Design and Lit Studios.

We create innovative products for people to interact with technology in unique and compelling ways, and ideally away from the platforms that they are used to i.e. desktop, laptop, mobile, tablet.

SuperTouch offers both event based and permanent solutions. Our products can be purchased, leased or rented for your store, nightclub, tradeshow, office, museum, or custom need. To speak with us about a SuperTouch project email or call us today.

Supertouch’s core management team includes Sam Ewen, Alpay Kasal and Tyler Frieling

Sam Travis Ewen

has been setting his sights on the marketing world for over 17 years. Since his early days in the music business, he has been conceiving alternative ways of getting the word out and generating buzz. After a stint in the pioneering days of Internet marketing, Sam joined Eisnor Interactive, the first promotions and guerrilla agency for online brands. As President of Eisnor, he oversaw client strategy and campaign development for such brands as The New York Times, Nickelodeon, About.com and Polaroid. Sam grew the company from 6 to 40 people and increased revenue 20 times before the company was purchased in part by Omnicom’s Communicade group.

In 2001 he left the company to start Interference Inc. with a goal to bring the high impact promotional methodology to all brands, whether online or off. In 2008 Sam realized technology could play a larger part in marketing and created Supertouch with the mission to use technology to create wonder, engagement and to communicate memorable messages.

Alpay Kasal

has always approached technology and its uses differently than most, marrying disparate tools to reach unique goals. He began his career as a visual artist and hacker, which allowed him a variety of creative opportunities including a one-of-a-kind immersive installation curated by music icon David Bowie. In an effort to create extraordinary experiences, Alpay often wrote his own software. These efforts led to presentations at New York’s School of Visual Arts and a position as guest instructor at the College of Staten Island. He would later patent and build multiple technology solutions, leading to several business ventures serving hospitality, video-on-demand, webcasting, and network rendering. In 2008 Alpay decided to concentrate on the combining of technology and HCI (human-computer interaction) concepts in novel and engaging ways. Today Alpay serves as lead engineer for The Supertouch Group and continues to be a noted voice for future concepts of HCI and usability in public forums. Additionally, Alpay is authoring several patents, creating a focused IP portfolio for The Supertouch Group.

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