Our Latest Interactive Experiment- Kinect + Unity3D + Mobile

One of our senior innovation engineers, that is what us salespeople call the engineers, just published a fantastic video of the group’s latest technical conquests. After hours of usability “research” these guys were able to connect their android and ipad devices to our gaming computer running the Kinect sensor. Once connected they are able to aim and throw balls at the dodgeball player. None of us could remember the official dodgeball rules so the engineers took it upon themselves to experiment a bit before coming up with the final rules for this fun and engaging gesture based twist of a classic.

From an engineering standpoint this is a great accomplishment because it demonstrates our ability to build games and experiences that are easy for passerby to partake in, using their motions, gestures, existing devices or “cheap” devices handed out to the crowd.

Unity3D, PrimeSense, a Kinect sensor, android, iOS and some networking magic were the ingredients for this wonderful demo.

Fun ideas for this solution include: new controllers for digital signage, crowd-controlled games, enhanced presentations through easy audience participation. Watch the video and let us know what we should try to do next.

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